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Now that we are back in gear, I guess I will tell you that thanksgiving break was delicious.  I ate lots of food and laid around alot.  I am going to be recording a lot of videos soon, maybe I will post them on here as well.  But, they will be video game tutorials and stuff for my project, and I might through some other things in there.  Like some sweet Rock Band vids.  Stay juicy kiddies, you will see the site soon.

HEY!  I havent updated this in a while and I feel that I should before I get failed or something like that.  Class has been well.  CSS has come to me much more easily this time around, and I have had no problems making things work.  The redo for project 2 looks considerably better with the new type face and added pictures.  This group project should be exciting as well.

PS:  People should NOT use the Macs in the Library unless you are using the Adobe Suite of products.  People that really need to use those can’t when there is some schmuck playing Farmville on it!

<rant>I just had to get this off of my chest first.  Activision, I hate you guys.  A lot.  We all know that you muscled Infinity Ward into axing dedicated servers for the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it was a JERK move.  If it wasn’t for US buying the first game, you wouldn’t have 5 sequels and 3 little spin offs.  Change this, NOW!</rant>

But, now that that is out of the way, I would like to say that my first project went relatively well except for a few things.  The first and second pages of my site just did NOT want to cooperate with me at all.  The CSS in the second page was correct, and I don’t know why it just wouldn’t work.  Other than that I feel that it was pretty successful for a first go.  I have some ideas for some designs from looking at a lot of websites.  I thought about using some navigation similar to the genealogy of video games we created in Prof Mejias’ “Video Game Theory and Analysis” class.

I think I am really gonna need a drink after this week of hell.  I have had a critique of some sort in all of my classes, two of them on Monday and 1 on tuesday/thursday.  Friday keeps looking better and better.  Also,

It makes my day every time!

Hey guys!

Just to let you all know, I am using this account for my Web Design class for the time being so the content will go from XXXXXX down to PG-13.  Sorry for all of those who liked all that juicy stuff, soon it will go back to the norm.

Also, I really need to keep up with this thing.  And I need to finish up Exercise 4!!  YIKES!!

I know this is going to sound cold blooded of me, but when are we going to let STUPID PEOPLE just die from doing stupid things?  People doing obvious dumb things ALWAYS get saved from the danger that their stupid ass got themselves into in the first place.  It is not only a waste of manpower, but it is even a bigger waste that we have to waste manpower on a complete waste of space!!

For example, I recently just saw this video of a STUPID woman in Germany that jumped over the fence of a Polar Bear habitat and jumped right on in.  Whats even better?  IT WAS FUCKING FEEDING TIME!!!!!  What in the hell is in the water as of lately for people to become so ridiculous!

Here is a video of another STUPID MOTHAFUCKA!!  Why the FUCK would you put your hand into a croc’s mouth!?!?  See the consiquences of those poor actions.  And excuse me for being a cynic on this comment but, that croc must have played a lot of Star Fox with the amount of barrel rolling he did…

Last but not least…


All in all, I think natural selection just needs to take place in our already over populated human species.  I should really feel bad for typing this, but it is all too true.  I really want to call these people RETARDED!!!!!  But, I don’t want to offend the mentally handicapped.  When you do something bad, you generally get punished for it.  However, when you do something that is stupidly dangerous, well you always get a second chance.

Back in 1987, the original Street Fighter game took to the arcades from Capcom.  You play as the young fighter Ryu, who goes around the world looking to fight opponents that are willing to fight.  In England you fight Birdie (who by the way turns into a BLACK PERSON in the alpha series) and Eagle (who is actually gay).  In Hong Kong you fight Gen (some old dude that trained Chun Li’s father) and Lee (some fat ass).  In America you fight Joe (some white guy), and you fight Mike ( who if you pay attention to the Japanese versions of the later games, he is actually M. Bison, aka Boxer, aka Balrog if you play the American versions).  You also fight a bunch of other people that dont matter, except for Sagat and Adon in Thailand.  This game actually sucked balls, but it gave Capcom incentive enought to create possibly the greatest fighting game of all time, Street Fighter 2.

Street Fighter 2 took arcades by storm when it came out in 1991.  It had simple controls, sweet characters, and you can see Chun Li’s panties when she did her fireball.  Capcom eventually started to milk this fucking game for all that it was worth.  There are SIX official different releases of the game, and they are ALL different.  Casual players wouldn’t notice the changes, but the pros do.  There were also clones of the game created as well.  Rainbow Edition always makes me laugh.  But with shitty clones of a popular game, there are sure to be shitty cartoons and movies as well.

This is the part where you either laugh, cry, or get extreeeemely pissed off.  Capcom eventually went on to allow a live action movie to be made after the game.  Starring Jean Claude van Damme as Guile, and a whole bunch of other shitty actors, they proceeded to DESTROY this movie.  They pretty much took the characters and dumped then in the toilet.  Since when were Ryu and Ken THIEVES.  Since when was Balrog a traitor to Bison and becomes a good guy? And, lets be realistic, Ryu looked TOO asian in this movie.  I mean, I know he is Japanese in the game, but he doesnt look like fuckin Bruce Lee (and the character that DID look like Bruce Lee, Fei Long, was omitted so they can put a character in that WASNT IN THE GAME!)  Also, why did they pick Van Damme to be Guile?

vandamme guile



It doesnt stop their either.  They also thought it was a FANTASTIC idea to make a cartoon for this game as well.  I don’t even want to talk about the show, as it had the most HORRENDOUS animation that I had ever scene.  Also, Guile goes CRAZY with the amount of sonic booms that he throws.  These videos can only describe how bad it was…

And it STILL doesn’t end there.  This newest movie with Chun Li is something I refuse to see unless I downloaded it.  One, Kristin Kreuk isn’t even ASIAN!!!!!!( Well she is a little Asian)  So for the last movie, they get someone that is too Asian, and for this one she isnt Asian enough.  I heard their were some good fight scenes, but too bad they can’t make a good movie.


Capcom doesn’t even give a fuck either.  A PR guy was quoted as saying, “Critics were unkind to the first Street Fighter movie as well, but that film has been ridiculously profitable for Capcom over the last decade. The original SF movie still generates millions of dollars in royalties for Capcom every year, thanks to cable, foreign distribution, home video, DVD and Blu-ray sales.”

Really, who would want to even BUY that awful movie!

I kind of just want to make this one fuckin short and sweet.  This has been a valid complaint of mine since I was only in 6th grade, but bus seats suck ASS!!!!  Let me give you the low down my lil chittlins…

See, when I was in 6th grade, I was already about 6 feet tall, much taller than most of the other boys and girls in the school.  Though I never road the bus, a problem that I had with the bus seats are that they are TOO SMALL!  Lord Almighty it is freakin ridiculous.  It makes ZERO sence to give kids on the bus microscopic amounts of leg room on the bus, or in some cases, having to shift your body so that you can sit comfortably on the bus.  Another thing was that there were complete assholes on the bus that would try to make you have the INSIDE of the seat so that they could be social.  It really is a dick move to do that shit because you put a person at discomfort to benefit your own selfishness you filthy bastard.  YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE, AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!!!

But when you think normal bus seats are bad, wait until you sit fuckin coach.  People make HORRIBLE habits of being cocksuckers on those things.  I personally think that they should BAN (yes BAN) all of those reclining seats, as it puts you in the fuckin balls of the person behind you.  It is even worse when you have the trays in front of you, and you cant use it because the asshat in front of you wanted to be some doucher and recline ALL the way back.  Since it is apparently rude to ask someone to move so that you can be comfy, you have to tough it out in the American society.

But, the brunt to all stupidity are the city buses that go around.  Particulary, the CENTRO buses that go around Oswego.  They put seats in the DUMBEST places I have ever seen.  For example, the seat before you go up the steps to get to the back is stupidly placed next to a wall.  Now, if you sit on the end seat, your arm goes into the wall, this making you sit awkwardly.  The seat on the other end of that bench ends right next to another seat that is perpendicular.  Now, you effectively made those outside seats USELESS because they are obstructed by either a wall, or the other seat, leaving the middle seat as the only real option.

We can’t just leave this to just the transportation however.  Stadium and arena seats are PATHETIC as well.  Whoever designed the blueprints for the Campus Center must have been a midget, because NO one can fit in those fuckin seats.  I have to pray to get either a front row seat, or a seat on the outside of the rows at the hockey games just to sit comfortably.  It is almost like they dont know that the height of humans has gone up over the years.  Or, maybe they just don’t give a fuck….pricks.  Even the desks feel like they are made for little kids!  I always had problems sitting in some of the desks because they are dinky as hell.  Even to a smaller person than me, they are dinky as fuck.  The school doesn’t care though, because the big wigs all have their nice fancy shit.

Sorry for this rant, but this shit reallllly brings my blood to a boil.  Things that require very SIMPLE design and thought process are fucked up because people cant make it past first grade.  I dont even think the people that put the seats their attempted to SIT in them theirselves.  Quality Assurance is something that everything needs, just some people think they have all the answers though…

I am pretty much at my last straw with these dudes, and I am just going to give up pretty soon here.  Like, why does the network suck ASS this semester?  I remember at the beginning of the year, watching youtube videos was seemingly a breeze.  Now, watching youtube videos can be a nightmare(though it has gotten better).

My biggest problem however is how they ass raped the ports needed to connect to xbox live.  Kids were patiently waiting to download their demos to Halo Wars, only to find that it would eventually take DAYS, or maybe WEEKS to download the fucker.  Its totalllly not fair for them to do this.

It is also ass for them to try and say that the xbox counts as another machine, and that you have to pay for another connection.  Also, routers are completely illegal.  Let me get this straight now.  I can’t SHARE the connection that I PAID FOR with my other shit?  Its fuckin BULLLLLLLLSHIT!  Imagine if your internet operator told you that you had to have a separate internet connection for all of the computers in your house.  Imagine if your phone people you needed a different phone line for each phone you have in your house.  Or even better yet, imagine if you were forced by the government to have a room for every person that lives in your house.  I bet you wont be having large families anymore.

I also think that clean access agent is a STUPID idea that needs to die.  While it sounded novel at first, it has now turned into a nightmare that annoys the piss out of me.  You randomly get booted off and then have to sign back in, and it makes it a FOR SURE way to know that you dont have multiple computers on the network.

My case in point is, I paid for the fuckin line, let me use it how I damn well please you nickel and diming cocksuckers!!

I never thought I would say this in a million years, but Nintendo needs to eat a dick.  I knew the Wii would be a failure with GAMERS from day one, but Nintendo must have done a great job with their market research because non-gamers are eating this shit up like candy.

Its really frustrating, because Nintendo threw their hardcore fanbase to the WOLVES and told them “fuck you” while they went to make MEGADOLLARS off of the casual crowd.  No developer in their right mind would make Wii Fit…except people who try to cater the game to a particular crowd.  I was actually glad when this trend bit them in the ass and Wii Music didn’t sell like they wanted it to, serves their asses right.

Also, the quality of games on the Wii has gone downhill since Mario Galaxy was released; and even that game, in all of its glory, was a very cookie cutter Mario experience.  I should have seen this coming.  Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, and a few other games were CLASSICS.  When Nintendo created the next batch of games, they weren’t recieved so well, so they went back to the same formula for the Wii games.  Don’t believe me?  See how similar Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are and I bet you will poop yourself.

The constant stream of shovel ware, albeit not Nintendo’s fault, can easily be attributed to how well Wii Play sold, and how many people STILL play Wii Sports.  Games like Carnival Games should not be selling upwards to 3 MILLION copies with the quality that it has.  But hey, those casual consumers dont care right?

Also, the Nintendo’s reluctant steps to embrace online is not only ignorant, its flat out stupid.  Sure, you can download games and play online with a few, but they cant even compare to what xbox live did LAST generation.  Friend codes?  How dumb is that shit.  512 MB of internal storage?  That would be all fine and dandy but you dont even A) give people an option to get more than 4 more gigs of space, and B) DONT LET PEOPLE TRANSFER SAVES TO THE SD CARDS!!!

I find it kind of interesting.  Nintendo was hailed as the savior after the great video game crash of 1983 with quality titles that claimed the “Seal of Quality” (which was a crock of shit anyway when Friday the 13th had that on it) and brought gaming back to life.  That very same company is now trying to BURY all of the progress that it accomplished just to make a lot of money.  I am the most ashamed of Shigeru Miyamoto in all of Nintendo’s shinanigans.  The brain to some of my most fondest memories with Nintendo actually sold his soul so Nintendo can make more money.  He speaks his philosophy, but doesn’t follow it anymore…its really sad.