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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Abortion is one of those social issues that you are either one way, or you are another way, or you are one way in one use of the rhetoric and another way in the other use of the rhetoric.  Please let me explain…

You see, at first the discussion was, are you for abortion or are you against aboortion.  Now, who the fuck in their right minds would be STUPID (and may I add spineless cunt/bastard) enough to say that they are pro-abortion.  Knowing that the use of that rhetoric was going no where, people decided that they should create an all new rhetoric that glosses over the real issue.  Lets call it, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.  Sweet, now these cocksuckers had to make the situation more complicated.  Since being Pro-Choice technically means that you can be Pro-Life, then the new use of rhetoric, by default, makes it so that everyone thinks abortion is ok.

And that is the big problem folks.  I am EXTREMELY against abortion, to the MAX.  But who am I to tell someone how to live their immoral life?  So many people fall into the anti-abortion crowd, but they also think people should make choices, and it completely skews social and political opinion.  Which is why it is going nowhere anytime soon.

But, as always, I feel that if they are gonna make these rules, then they need to make them fair.  Women get abortions for the same reason men run away, yet men cant run or they could be hit with a fine or jail.  Women on the other hand can do what they want with this baby that two people made.  Disgusting, but what can ya do.