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Monthly Archives: January 2009

I never thought I would say this in a million years, but Nintendo needs to eat a dick.  I knew the Wii would be a failure with GAMERS from day one, but Nintendo must have done a great job with their market research because non-gamers are eating this shit up like candy.

Its really frustrating, because Nintendo threw their hardcore fanbase to the WOLVES and told them “fuck you” while they went to make MEGADOLLARS off of the casual crowd.  No developer in their right mind would make Wii Fit…except people who try to cater the game to a particular crowd.  I was actually glad when this trend bit them in the ass and Wii Music didn’t sell like they wanted it to, serves their asses right.

Also, the quality of games on the Wii has gone downhill since Mario Galaxy was released; and even that game, in all of its glory, was a very cookie cutter Mario experience.  I should have seen this coming.  Mario 64, Ocarina of Time, Mario Kart 64, and a few other games were CLASSICS.  When Nintendo created the next batch of games, they weren’t recieved so well, so they went back to the same formula for the Wii games.  Don’t believe me?  See how similar Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess are and I bet you will poop yourself.

The constant stream of shovel ware, albeit not Nintendo’s fault, can easily be attributed to how well Wii Play sold, and how many people STILL play Wii Sports.  Games like Carnival Games should not be selling upwards to 3 MILLION copies with the quality that it has.  But hey, those casual consumers dont care right?

Also, the Nintendo’s reluctant steps to embrace online is not only ignorant, its flat out stupid.  Sure, you can download games and play online with a few, but they cant even compare to what xbox live did LAST generation.  Friend codes?  How dumb is that shit.  512 MB of internal storage?  That would be all fine and dandy but you dont even A) give people an option to get more than 4 more gigs of space, and B) DONT LET PEOPLE TRANSFER SAVES TO THE SD CARDS!!!

I find it kind of interesting.  Nintendo was hailed as the savior after the great video game crash of 1983 with quality titles that claimed the “Seal of Quality” (which was a crock of shit anyway when Friday the 13th had that on it) and brought gaming back to life.  That very same company is now trying to BURY all of the progress that it accomplished just to make a lot of money.  I am the most ashamed of Shigeru Miyamoto in all of Nintendo’s shinanigans.  The brain to some of my most fondest memories with Nintendo actually sold his soul so Nintendo can make more money.  He speaks his philosophy, but doesn’t follow it anymore…its really sad.

Hey kids, I haven’t made a new blog in a reallllly long time since ive been busy with a bunch of family stuff.  But hey, im still the same ole meeeeeee!!

I just wanted to touch on this Caroline Kennedy bullshit by saying…. you dont deserve that seat bitch.  I am sick of you using the family name to make it seem like you are a good candidate to be in the senate when you have done NOTHING!  Literally nothing, like, less than that bitch Hillary nothing.  Yea you raised money for NYC schools, but you didn’t help raise a DIME for any school upstate that really needs it (the Buffalo school district is grossly disgusting).  And even then, she STILL raised that money with the strength of the Kennedy name.  I thought we got rid of the monarch mentality when George Washington put that one guy out on his asshole.  Apparently politics is a different story.

Also, I would like to just take a really quick touch on the shittiness of the mainstream media.  Giving people the news shouldn’t even HAVE a business aspect to it, but America is full of cocks who think that capitalism is the way for EVERYTHING…even vital information.  I bring this up because the election coverage was horrible, and more recently, the coverage of the Gaza conflict is down right atrocious.  The media universally believes that Israel is some evil nation that is unfairly raping the living shit out of Hamas.  Granted, I personally believe that the 3 days worth of airstrikes was VERY uncalled for, but the job of the media is to be out to demonize anyone.  The job of the media is to INFORM, and they are doing a poor job of it.  Showing someones true colors is one thing, but showing yours is another.