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I kind of just want to make this one fuckin short and sweet.  This has been a valid complaint of mine since I was only in 6th grade, but bus seats suck ASS!!!!  Let me give you the low down my lil chittlins…

See, when I was in 6th grade, I was already about 6 feet tall, much taller than most of the other boys and girls in the school.  Though I never road the bus, a problem that I had with the bus seats are that they are TOO SMALL!  Lord Almighty it is freakin ridiculous.  It makes ZERO sence to give kids on the bus microscopic amounts of leg room on the bus, or in some cases, having to shift your body so that you can sit comfortably on the bus.  Another thing was that there were complete assholes on the bus that would try to make you have the INSIDE of the seat so that they could be social.  It really is a dick move to do that shit because you put a person at discomfort to benefit your own selfishness you filthy bastard.  YES THEY DESERVE TO DIE, AND I HOPE THEY BURN IN HELL!!!!

But when you think normal bus seats are bad, wait until you sit fuckin coach.  People make HORRIBLE habits of being cocksuckers on those things.  I personally think that they should BAN (yes BAN) all of those reclining seats, as it puts you in the fuckin balls of the person behind you.  It is even worse when you have the trays in front of you, and you cant use it because the asshat in front of you wanted to be some doucher and recline ALL the way back.  Since it is apparently rude to ask someone to move so that you can be comfy, you have to tough it out in the American society.

But, the brunt to all stupidity are the city buses that go around.  Particulary, the CENTRO buses that go around Oswego.  They put seats in the DUMBEST places I have ever seen.  For example, the seat before you go up the steps to get to the back is stupidly placed next to a wall.  Now, if you sit on the end seat, your arm goes into the wall, this making you sit awkwardly.  The seat on the other end of that bench ends right next to another seat that is perpendicular.  Now, you effectively made those outside seats USELESS because they are obstructed by either a wall, or the other seat, leaving the middle seat as the only real option.

We can’t just leave this to just the transportation however.  Stadium and arena seats are PATHETIC as well.  Whoever designed the blueprints for the Campus Center must have been a midget, because NO one can fit in those fuckin seats.  I have to pray to get either a front row seat, or a seat on the outside of the rows at the hockey games just to sit comfortably.  It is almost like they dont know that the height of humans has gone up over the years.  Or, maybe they just don’t give a fuck….pricks.  Even the desks feel like they are made for little kids!  I always had problems sitting in some of the desks because they are dinky as hell.  Even to a smaller person than me, they are dinky as fuck.  The school doesn’t care though, because the big wigs all have their nice fancy shit.

Sorry for this rant, but this shit reallllly brings my blood to a boil.  Things that require very SIMPLE design and thought process are fucked up because people cant make it past first grade.  I dont even think the people that put the seats their attempted to SIT in them theirselves.  Quality Assurance is something that everything needs, just some people think they have all the answers though…

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