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Category Archives: Relationships and Love

If you have known me for longer than 3 years, you would know that I whole heartedly love Asian women. I dig Jews too, but not in the same way I love Asians.

I think this little fetish started when I was about 5 or 6. I would watch TV, and every time an Asian would come on I would be jumping for joy because I thought they were so cute. In all the scary movies, if there was an Asian chick in it, I never wanted her to die, always wanted her to live. My brother also had a Chinese friend named Wendy that I wanted to marry just because I thought she was so much cuter than the other girls.

In sixth grade we had gone on a trip to Boston (that place sucks balls and the people sicken me) and I had noticed that there were LOADS of Asians everywhere. I got super excited, I had never seen so many of them before. I wanted to keep em for myself.

I finally came to college, and I was instantly blown away. I found myself running into a lot of Asians ( one of the first people I met was a cute ass asian chick) and now I kind of dig an Asian now. There is much more to this fetish, but I just wanted to bang out 3 of these blogs today and I am getting sick of typing right now.

If you are a single asian female lookin for some love, or just someone to cuddle with, do yourself a favor and “holla at cha man”!