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I was looking at some old pictures from when I was in high school and realized that I have fattened up quite a bit. I mean, I wasn’t too thin in high school, but now I look like a person that should go on Maury or something.

Well, what do you do about it MJ?

I have decided to buy a bike in 2 weeks (sorry electric bass, you are just gonna have to hold on) to help myself get back into shape. Back in high school, you always had gym class to fall back on and numerous sports. Those things were FUN. But when you get into college, things change. Theres no gym class, sports take up loads of time, and you eat A LOT. Wish me luck on my quest to killin these pounds.

First and foremost, damn it feels good to be home bitches. Sorry had to get that out of my system.

But, today I got paid my 300 smackers from working the hardest 2 weeks of my life, and I decided to help myself by buying some games. I went on eBay to look at some things and realized that I should really invest in a Dreamcast for old fucks sake. Although I was looking at a DS, I couldn’t help myself and switched my bid.

Dreamcast? Whats a Dreamcast?

If you have been a cocksucker for the 15 years, you would know that the Dreamcast was Sega’s last full out console before they had to pull out due to financial reasons. However, they really went out with a bang and really took console hardware to a completely new level. For example, it had a modem in it so that you could go on the internet and look up stuff (the servers are still up to TO THIS VERY DAY in Japan I believe). It really laid the groundwork for what Microsoft is currently trying to get, a great online community.

Unfortunately, Sega’s previous blunders had put them in a poor financial spot, forcing them to close up shop after the PS2 started to wipe the floor with the Dreamcast. That wasn’t the only thing however. People pretty much stopped buying games for the damn thing and pirated them. Dreamcast played GD-Rom games, and somehow were easily pirated. People would just burn them to a CD-R and you could play them with no modifications.

If you are interested in getting one, you can find them roaming around on eBay for about 50 bucks. (I got mine for 39!) Pick one up and start burning those games, because some of the highlight titles are extremely expensive. (Marvel vs Capcom 2 can easily be sold for 100+dollars!)

One day I went to get a drink from the vending machines and noticed that there were 3 Gatorades stuck in the machine. So like any normal person I shook the machine to try and get them, but the end result was not what I had expected. Instead of getting the Gatorade, a chocolate milk AND a raspberry Propel fell from their spots.

I wish I would have known about this sooner.

I then realized that the drink machine on the far left is extremely wobbly, and that you can easily shake drinks from the machine if you are strong enough. Every since that day I have done the occasional “shake the machine because I am thirsty and have no money” trick. Or even last night, I got pissed that there was no change in the change machine, and once again exploited the drink machines looseness and shook some drinks out of it. I kind of feel dirty, but damn it who can say no to FREE drinks. Oh well, I will just have to make sure I don’t tip it too much and make it fall on top of me.

Hey kids. Um, I really started this to talk about my life and various rants or things that go on. Try not to take this stuff seriously, because I am not a serious guy. Well, some thing may be serious, but don’t go crazy on me about my views. I throughly enjoy games where you get to kill a lot of enemies with badass guns, or sweet swords. I think Zelda is the most overrated video game franchise of all time, and it literally puts me to sleep. Kirby’s Dreamland is by far the superior game, and it goes to show that what is popular is not always the best. My favorite thing to do is actually play video games, and my favorite game of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (I have a copy of that game in various places, on multiple consoles). I really enjoy computers, and I am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to them. I have a custom built green PC that needs a bit of upgrading, but that will be in due time. You can talk to me some time. My AIM s/n is ghetokungfumasta.