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Hey kids, I haven’t made a new blog in a reallllly long time since ive been busy with a bunch of family stuff.  But hey, im still the same ole meeeeeee!!

I just wanted to touch on this Caroline Kennedy bullshit by saying…. you dont deserve that seat bitch.  I am sick of you using the family name to make it seem like you are a good candidate to be in the senate when you have done NOTHING!  Literally nothing, like, less than that bitch Hillary nothing.  Yea you raised money for NYC schools, but you didn’t help raise a DIME for any school upstate that really needs it (the Buffalo school district is grossly disgusting).  And even then, she STILL raised that money with the strength of the Kennedy name.  I thought we got rid of the monarch mentality when George Washington put that one guy out on his asshole.  Apparently politics is a different story.

Also, I would like to just take a really quick touch on the shittiness of the mainstream media.  Giving people the news shouldn’t even HAVE a business aspect to it, but America is full of cocks who think that capitalism is the way for EVERYTHING…even vital information.  I bring this up because the election coverage was horrible, and more recently, the coverage of the Gaza conflict is down right atrocious.  The media universally believes that Israel is some evil nation that is unfairly raping the living shit out of Hamas.  Granted, I personally believe that the 3 days worth of airstrikes was VERY uncalled for, but the job of the media is to be out to demonize anyone.  The job of the media is to INFORM, and they are doing a poor job of it.  Showing someones true colors is one thing, but showing yours is another.


Abortion is one of those social issues that you are either one way, or you are another way, or you are one way in one use of the rhetoric and another way in the other use of the rhetoric.  Please let me explain…

You see, at first the discussion was, are you for abortion or are you against aboortion.  Now, who the fuck in their right minds would be STUPID (and may I add spineless cunt/bastard) enough to say that they are pro-abortion.  Knowing that the use of that rhetoric was going no where, people decided that they should create an all new rhetoric that glosses over the real issue.  Lets call it, Pro-Choice and Pro-Life.  Sweet, now these cocksuckers had to make the situation more complicated.  Since being Pro-Choice technically means that you can be Pro-Life, then the new use of rhetoric, by default, makes it so that everyone thinks abortion is ok.

And that is the big problem folks.  I am EXTREMELY against abortion, to the MAX.  But who am I to tell someone how to live their immoral life?  So many people fall into the anti-abortion crowd, but they also think people should make choices, and it completely skews social and political opinion.  Which is why it is going nowhere anytime soon.

But, as always, I feel that if they are gonna make these rules, then they need to make them fair.  Women get abortions for the same reason men run away, yet men cant run or they could be hit with a fine or jail.  Women on the other hand can do what they want with this baby that two people made.  Disgusting, but what can ya do.

Fuck Fedex and I say it with authority.  I am DEAD fucking serious when I say that too.  These cocksuckers LOST my shit and had the audacity to not contact me about it after I called the first time.  Seriously Fedex, eat a dick.

I knew shit was gonna go wrong when I recieved the tracking info.  When it said Fedex was delivering it, I just knew I was in trouble.  They NEVER update their tracking info and it pisses me off.  It will say that something was sitting somewhere for days, and then as if they have santa working overtime, the package magically arrives at A MILLION destinations in literally a day.  Is it really that hard to update your info?  We live in an era with computers.

I called them about it last week and they had NO idea of where my shit was.  Told me they would call back next week.  They completely just said “fuck that nigger” and never called me back.  I called back today(this package was supposed to be here LAST THURSDAY!)  and they tell me that I should put a claim on it.  That is going to take a looong time now for me to get SOME of the money back because of their fuck up.

Fedex is a shitty service that needs to die.  Don’t ever send me anything through fedex either, I will prolly eat your children faster than Mike Tyson bit Hollyfields ear off.

Apple quite possibly has the best, and most unethical, product campaign in the world.  They are quite possibly the only computer company in the world who can make computers sound “fun”, and at the same time diss the competition with lies that only non-tech people would pick up.  We can call it brainwashing if you will.

Now, I have no problem with Apple.  I had a few beefs with my iPod, and I have NO beef with OSX.  I DO have beef with A) Apple Fanboys(quite possible the biggest cocksuckers on Earth) and B) Non-Tech people who tell me to buy a Mac.

Now, if you fit into category A, I will have to dice you up a bit.  There are Apple Fanboys who know what the fuck they are talking about.  I feel that I can have an overall great conversation with these people when it comes to tech and certain things.  There is also the other group that makes me HATE all Apple Fanboys.  The cocksuckers who have no idea of what they are talking about, and then parade that Macs are the shit.  I nearly punched one of them cocksuckers in the face when they told me that Macs are better because it “has better shortcuts”.  Quite possibly the biggest shit i’ve ever heard in my life.

Smart Apple fanboys will tell you why OSX is better, and then elaborate on it with facts and things like that.  Cocksucking Apple Fanboys that suck on Steve Jobs dick will just say “OSX is better because it doesn’t get viruses(wrong)”.  “Macs never get blue screens of death(Right, they just get a sweet ass gray screen and it does nothing)”.  “Macs just work and never break down(Wrong, my friends Mac is FUBAR and he has to send it in, thus not having a computer for a little while)”.  These people make real Mac fans look like idiots in the same way that cocksucking PC gamers talk about their “uber specs” for their PC rig that is actually store bought(You bitches think I don’t know that you PC gamers are dickless little kids?).

I’m getting off topic.  Where were we?  Oh yes, the “regular consumer” who uses computers for only 3 things that tries to tell you to buy a Mac.  I say, shut the fuck up.  It has happened on numerous occasions where a person that I am WAY smarter than tries to tell me to buy a Mac when they only A) Surf the web, B) Use Aim, and C) Type a paper.  Thanks for your help, but you would be better off by making me a sandwich.

This isn’t really a diss towards Apple.  I just hate how this “fad” has completely brainwashed people into actually thinking that OSX is IONS better than Windows or any version of Linux.  They then take those brainwashed people, and then try to brainwash more people and then it just turns into a giant mess.  If Steve Jobs told a Mac Fanboy to drink poison because it would increase his harddrive speed, it is a gaurantee that said fanboy would do it.  Case in point, let the SMART Mac fanatics do the talking, because you peons can’t convince me one bit.

This is really not a shot at anyone who has converted to another religion to marry anyone, but as I was thinking in my bed today (I sleep in a pair of dirty ass boxers with doo doo stains in em) I couldn’t help but notice that converting is completely one sided.  Actually, it’s utter bullshit.

Here is the scenario, say I am a Christian, and I want to marry a Jew, I would totally have to convert to Judaism to marry her if she is deeply rooted in her religion.  But, why do I have to fucking convert?  What, a person is just supposed to just give up what they believe in just because they wanna marry this motha fucka?  HELL NO!  Thats like telling a little kid that santa won’t deliver his Playboy because he believes in Jesus.  And then it just leaves you with a super hard decision.  Believe in Jesus, or believe in these big ass titties on page 21…

What makes me the maddest is that SOMEONE HAS to change their ways for the “better” of the relationship.  Why the fuck I gotta change?  You liked me before I put that damn fake rock on your finger, why do I have to change now?  Shit is gettin RIDICULOUS with all of that.  Once again, I have no problem if you seriously have considered converting because you find that way of life is more for you.  But if you convert just to make some skank hoe happy, then you are a fuckin idiot and I hope you get divorced and lose all of your money.

As you guys might know, I am a pretty big tech nut.  Been interested in PCs since about 14 years old and I feel that it is time to build a new rig.  This one I have right now is REALLY starting to show its age…not even meeting minimum system requirements anymore for the newer games.  Let me give you the specs of the new rig I’m building

XCLIO Windtunnel Fully Black Finish 1.0 mm SECC Chassis ATX Full Tower Computer Case – Retail  (This thing is HUGE)

SAMSUNG 20X DVD±R DVD Burner Black SATA Model SH-S203B – OEM

Rosewill RX750-S-B ATX12V v2.2 & EPS12V v2.91 750W Power Supply – Retail
CORSAIR 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TWIN2X4096-6400C5 – Retail

DFI LANPARTY DK 790FX-M2RS AM2+/AM2 AMD 790FX ATX AMD Motherboard – Retail

AMD Phenom 9850 BLACK EDITION 2.5GHz Socket AM2+ 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HD985ZXAGHBOX – Retail

Western Digital Caviar SE WD5000AAJB 500GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive – OEM

COOLER MASTER RR-CCH-P912-GP 92mm Sleeve CPU Cooler – Retail

I am also thinking about getting 2 Ati HD 4850s since they are only 200 bones.  Wish me luck kids.  Stay juicy.

I was bored today and decided to look at some unemployment rates among races just to check some things out…sadly I was already expecting what the results were and I was pretty much right. Black people are droppin the ball big time and love to blame whitey for our ignorance.

Did you know that in 2004, 24.7 PERCENT of black people were unemployed. Thats like getting a C- on a test when YOU KNOW you can do SO MUCH BETTER! Hispanics were at 21.9, down from 22.5 from last year. Whites were at 10.8, up from 10.5, and Asians rank in first with 9.8percent, down from 11.8.

Why do you think that blacks unemployment rate is so high? Well I did some more research and came across this little puppy…Graduation rates divided by race. I was, once again, not surprised by the numbers that I had seen. Black people don’t exactly graduate in high numbers. In 2003, however, 80 percent of the black population graduated…the highest it has ever been. A fuckin B- is the best we can do when it comes to graduation?

So why are blacks so bad? Someone please find me the answer because these statistics here are just pathetic. We love to cry “its whiteys fault” when Asians do a HELL of a lot better than us, while usually keeping their cultural background in tact.

Reality TV, sucks a bigger dick than Heather Brooke. If you haven’t been sucked by the likes of MTV and VH1 (which sadly, are supposed to be MUSIC channels but clearly forgot that) consider yourself lucky. For those who haven’t seen one, the premise of these shitty shows are rather simple. Get a bunch of random people off the street. Then you make sure that 8 our of 9 of them are clinically depressed, psycho, alcoholics, drug users, or straight up whores, and then you stick them in a house with one sane person.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Real World doesn’t bother me so much because they work while they are there, and the drama is fantastic. I mean, I would wanna knock some sluts teeth out too if she made out with me 10 seconds after she let one of our house mates bust a nut in her mouth right? The thing that bothers me is that people on that show are SO insensitive to everyone and the women on that show never think they are wrong. One chick all a dude a nigger once and didn’t even apologize. Tisk tisk tisk. But, other than the people in the house being idiots, I have no problem with it.

However, Flavor of Love, Tela Tequila, and I Love New York piss me off to the MAX. Here, we have 3 very unattractive people (Flav is old as hell, Tela looks like she laid on her face too long as a baby, and New York is……yeah) trying to find love with all these new people. Here is the catch though…I’m here for all of you, but you all have to be here for me. How is that a 2 way street? I watched an episode of Shot at Love and Tela made out with EVERYONE in the house in one day, only to get pissed that one girl wasn’t in love with her yet. What kind of dirty skank whore are you Tela??!?! Flavor Flav is the worst by far. I love the dude, but he will take two girls on a date, and have one girl jerkin him off in the tub while the other girl looks pissed off. He knows hes wrong, but being the insensitive nigga that he is, he doesn’t give a fuck. New York is actually a little bit better, still nasty, but better. I think she genuinely looks for love on these shows, and from what I have heard, she is still with Taylor Made and seems happy. To bad her mom is a dick breathed whore.

And there we have it folks, those are just a few of the shows that I will touch on this time. I still hated stuff like the White Rapper Show, American Idol ( not really reality tv) and Miss Rap Supreme, or other shows where a man or woman just invited idiot bimbos to the house so they can have all the sex they want with random women for a few months. Time to go play some xbox though…..peace.

Chris Rock couldn’t have said it any better “I love black people, but I hate niggas.” It sounds dirty as fuck to say, but damnit the shit is unfortunately living proof today. Lets take a look at this from a political standpoint.

Barrack Obama was DOMINATING the polls and taking the country by storm with his charm, wordplay, and down to Earth personality. Unfortunately, ignorant ass niggas had to fuck his shit up. Lets start with his former pastor, Rev Wright. Racist pig that hates white people who is one nigga who is costing Obama the race (Obama sounds like it should be his damn first name). This nigga Wright got way out of line and tried to tell his views essentially at the wrong time. Niggas do this stuff all the time, black people don’t. Barrack tried to make the man not sound crazy, but Wright just kept pushin it and Barrack was forced to abandon him. Thats what happens when you are a cocksucker.

Lets not forget about his nappy headed hoe wife, Michelle. Not only did she start off a speech buy saying “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”, but she now has an alleged new tape out where she refers to white people as “Whitey”. Hoes ruin things all the time, especially nappy headed ones.

This shit happens in my daily life everyday. Say I wanna listen to some rock, niggas say that you shouldn’t listen to that. Maybe they shouldn’t have dropped out of school and read a book, they would realize that rock was created by black people.

I digress, media portrayals of black people is always skewed. They always show niggas on there actin afool and sellin drugs. I mean why not, violence and obscure activities that the average American has no idea about will surely increase those news ratings right? Never show the black guy who works hard and takes care of his family, only talk about the nigga on welfare who does diddly but steal money from his moms purse and pump crack off his patio.

Sorry if I offend you niggas, but black people are soooooo sick and tired of your asses. We don’t like to associate with you, but that old saying “birds of a feather flock together” seems to be the mentality that a lot of people have now these days.