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I was bored today and decided to look at some unemployment rates among races just to check some things out…sadly I was already expecting what the results were and I was pretty much right. Black people are droppin the ball big time and love to blame whitey for our ignorance.

Did you know that in 2004, 24.7 PERCENT of black people were unemployed. Thats like getting a C- on a test when YOU KNOW you can do SO MUCH BETTER! Hispanics were at 21.9, down from 22.5 from last year. Whites were at 10.8, up from 10.5, and Asians rank in first with 9.8percent, down from 11.8.

Why do you think that blacks unemployment rate is so high? Well I did some more research and came across this little puppy…Graduation rates divided by race. I was, once again, not surprised by the numbers that I had seen. Black people don’t exactly graduate in high numbers. In 2003, however, 80 percent of the black population graduated…the highest it has ever been. A fuckin B- is the best we can do when it comes to graduation?

So why are blacks so bad? Someone please find me the answer because these statistics here are just pathetic. We love to cry “its whiteys fault” when Asians do a HELL of a lot better than us, while usually keeping their cultural background in tact.

If you have known me for longer than 3 years, you would know that I whole heartedly love Asian women. I dig Jews too, but not in the same way I love Asians.

I think this little fetish started when I was about 5 or 6. I would watch TV, and every time an Asian would come on I would be jumping for joy because I thought they were so cute. In all the scary movies, if there was an Asian chick in it, I never wanted her to die, always wanted her to live. My brother also had a Chinese friend named Wendy that I wanted to marry just because I thought she was so much cuter than the other girls.

In sixth grade we had gone on a trip to Boston (that place sucks balls and the people sicken me) and I had noticed that there were LOADS of Asians everywhere. I got super excited, I had never seen so many of them before. I wanted to keep em for myself.

I finally came to college, and I was instantly blown away. I found myself running into a lot of Asians ( one of the first people I met was a cute ass asian chick) and now I kind of dig an Asian now. There is much more to this fetish, but I just wanted to bang out 3 of these blogs today and I am getting sick of typing right now.

If you are a single asian female lookin for some love, or just someone to cuddle with, do yourself a favor and “holla at cha man”!