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I was bored today and decided to look at some unemployment rates among races just to check some things out…sadly I was already expecting what the results were and I was pretty much right. Black people are droppin the ball big time and love to blame whitey for our ignorance.

Did you know that in 2004, 24.7 PERCENT of black people were unemployed. Thats like getting a C- on a test when YOU KNOW you can do SO MUCH BETTER! Hispanics were at 21.9, down from 22.5 from last year. Whites were at 10.8, up from 10.5, and Asians rank in first with 9.8percent, down from 11.8.

Why do you think that blacks unemployment rate is so high? Well I did some more research and came across this little puppy…Graduation rates divided by race. I was, once again, not surprised by the numbers that I had seen. Black people don’t exactly graduate in high numbers. In 2003, however, 80 percent of the black population graduated…the highest it has ever been. A fuckin B- is the best we can do when it comes to graduation?

So why are blacks so bad? Someone please find me the answer because these statistics here are just pathetic. We love to cry “its whiteys fault” when Asians do a HELL of a lot better than us, while usually keeping their cultural background in tact.

Chris Rock couldn’t have said it any better “I love black people, but I hate niggas.” It sounds dirty as fuck to say, but damnit the shit is unfortunately living proof today. Lets take a look at this from a political standpoint.

Barrack Obama was DOMINATING the polls and taking the country by storm with his charm, wordplay, and down to Earth personality. Unfortunately, ignorant ass niggas had to fuck his shit up. Lets start with his former pastor, Rev Wright. Racist pig that hates white people who is one nigga who is costing Obama the race (Obama sounds like it should be his damn first name). This nigga Wright got way out of line and tried to tell his views essentially at the wrong time. Niggas do this stuff all the time, black people don’t. Barrack tried to make the man not sound crazy, but Wright just kept pushin it and Barrack was forced to abandon him. Thats what happens when you are a cocksucker.

Lets not forget about his nappy headed hoe wife, Michelle. Not only did she start off a speech buy saying “For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”, but she now has an alleged new tape out where she refers to white people as “Whitey”. Hoes ruin things all the time, especially nappy headed ones.

This shit happens in my daily life everyday. Say I wanna listen to some rock, niggas say that you shouldn’t listen to that. Maybe they shouldn’t have dropped out of school and read a book, they would realize that rock was created by black people.

I digress, media portrayals of black people is always skewed. They always show niggas on there actin afool and sellin drugs. I mean why not, violence and obscure activities that the average American has no idea about will surely increase those news ratings right? Never show the black guy who works hard and takes care of his family, only talk about the nigga on welfare who does diddly but steal money from his moms purse and pump crack off his patio.

Sorry if I offend you niggas, but black people are soooooo sick and tired of your asses. We don’t like to associate with you, but that old saying “birds of a feather flock together” seems to be the mentality that a lot of people have now these days.