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Fuck Fedex and I say it with authority.  I am DEAD fucking serious when I say that too.  These cocksuckers LOST my shit and had the audacity to not contact me about it after I called the first time.  Seriously Fedex, eat a dick.

I knew shit was gonna go wrong when I recieved the tracking info.  When it said Fedex was delivering it, I just knew I was in trouble.  They NEVER update their tracking info and it pisses me off.  It will say that something was sitting somewhere for days, and then as if they have santa working overtime, the package magically arrives at A MILLION destinations in literally a day.  Is it really that hard to update your info?  We live in an era with computers.

I called them about it last week and they had NO idea of where my shit was.  Told me they would call back next week.  They completely just said “fuck that nigger” and never called me back.  I called back today(this package was supposed to be here LAST THURSDAY!)  and they tell me that I should put a claim on it.  That is going to take a looong time now for me to get SOME of the money back because of their fuck up.

Fedex is a shitty service that needs to die.  Don’t ever send me anything through fedex either, I will prolly eat your children faster than Mike Tyson bit Hollyfields ear off.