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Hey kids. Um, I really started this to talk about my life and various rants or things that go on. Try not to take this stuff seriously, because I am not a serious guy. Well, some thing may be serious, but don’t go crazy on me about my views. I throughly enjoy games where you get to kill a lot of enemies with badass guns, or sweet swords. I think Zelda is the most overrated video game franchise of all time, and it literally puts me to sleep. Kirby’s Dreamland is by far the superior game, and it goes to show that what is popular is not always the best. My favorite thing to do is actually play video games, and my favorite game of all time is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (I have a copy of that game in various places, on multiple consoles). I really enjoy computers, and I am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to them. I have a custom built green PC that needs a bit of upgrading, but that will be in due time. You can talk to me some time. My AIM s/n is ghetokungfumasta.