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I know this is going to sound cold blooded of me, but when are we going to let STUPID PEOPLE just die from doing stupid things?  People doing obvious dumb things ALWAYS get saved from the danger that their stupid ass got themselves into in the first place.  It is not only a waste of manpower, but it is even a bigger waste that we have to waste manpower on a complete waste of space!!

For example, I recently just saw this video of a STUPID woman in Germany that jumped over the fence of a Polar Bear habitat and jumped right on in.  Whats even better?  IT WAS FUCKING FEEDING TIME!!!!!  What in the hell is in the water as of lately for people to become so ridiculous!

Here is a video of another STUPID MOTHAFUCKA!!  Why the FUCK would you put your hand into a croc’s mouth!?!?  See the consiquences of those poor actions.  And excuse me for being a cynic on this comment but, that croc must have played a lot of Star Fox with the amount of barrel rolling he did…

Last but not least…


All in all, I think natural selection just needs to take place in our already over populated human species.  I should really feel bad for typing this, but it is all too true.  I really want to call these people RETARDED!!!!!  But, I don’t want to offend the mentally handicapped.  When you do something bad, you generally get punished for it.  However, when you do something that is stupidly dangerous, well you always get a second chance.