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This is really not a shot at anyone who has converted to another religion to marry anyone, but as I was thinking in my bed today (I sleep in a pair of dirty ass boxers with doo doo stains in em) I couldn’t help but notice that converting is completely one sided.  Actually, it’s utter bullshit.

Here is the scenario, say I am a Christian, and I want to marry a Jew, I would totally have to convert to Judaism to marry her if she is deeply rooted in her religion.  But, why do I have to fucking convert?  What, a person is just supposed to just give up what they believe in just because they wanna marry this motha fucka?  HELL NO!  Thats like telling a little kid that santa won’t deliver his Playboy because he believes in Jesus.  And then it just leaves you with a super hard decision.  Believe in Jesus, or believe in these big ass titties on page 21…

What makes me the maddest is that SOMEONE HAS to change their ways for the “better” of the relationship.  Why the fuck I gotta change?  You liked me before I put that damn fake rock on your finger, why do I have to change now?  Shit is gettin RIDICULOUS with all of that.  Once again, I have no problem if you seriously have considered converting because you find that way of life is more for you.  But if you convert just to make some skank hoe happy, then you are a fuckin idiot and I hope you get divorced and lose all of your money.