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Tag Archives: Shot at Love

Reality TV, sucks a bigger dick than Heather Brooke. If you haven’t been sucked by the likes of MTV and VH1 (which sadly, are supposed to be MUSIC channels but clearly forgot that) consider yourself lucky. For those who haven’t seen one, the premise of these shitty shows are rather simple. Get a bunch of random people off the street. Then you make sure that 8 our of 9 of them are clinically depressed, psycho, alcoholics, drug users, or straight up whores, and then you stick them in a house with one sane person.

Now don’t get me wrong, the Real World doesn’t bother me so much because they work while they are there, and the drama is fantastic. I mean, I would wanna knock some sluts teeth out too if she made out with me 10 seconds after she let one of our house mates bust a nut in her mouth right? The thing that bothers me is that people on that show are SO insensitive to everyone and the women on that show never think they are wrong. One chick all a dude a nigger once and didn’t even apologize. Tisk tisk tisk. But, other than the people in the house being idiots, I have no problem with it.

However, Flavor of Love, Tela Tequila, and I Love New York piss me off to the MAX. Here, we have 3 very unattractive people (Flav is old as hell, Tela looks like she laid on her face too long as a baby, and New York is……yeah) trying to find love with all these new people. Here is the catch though…I’m here for all of you, but you all have to be here for me. How is that a 2 way street? I watched an episode of Shot at Love and Tela made out with EVERYONE in the house in one day, only to get pissed that one girl wasn’t in love with her yet. What kind of dirty skank whore are you Tela??!?! Flavor Flav is the worst by far. I love the dude, but he will take two girls on a date, and have one girl jerkin him off in the tub while the other girl looks pissed off. He knows hes wrong, but being the insensitive nigga that he is, he doesn’t give a fuck. New York is actually a little bit better, still nasty, but better. I think she genuinely looks for love on these shows, and from what I have heard, she is still with Taylor Made and seems happy. To bad her mom is a dick breathed whore.

And there we have it folks, those are just a few of the shows that I will touch on this time. I still hated stuff like the White Rapper Show, American Idol ( not really reality tv) and Miss Rap Supreme, or other shows where a man or woman just invited idiot bimbos to the house so they can have all the sex they want with random women for a few months. Time to go play some xbox though…..peace.