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I am pretty much at my last straw with these dudes, and I am just going to give up pretty soon here.  Like, why does the network suck ASS this semester?  I remember at the beginning of the year, watching youtube videos was seemingly a breeze.  Now, watching youtube videos can be a nightmare(though it has gotten better).

My biggest problem however is how they ass raped the ports needed to connect to xbox live.  Kids were patiently waiting to download their demos to Halo Wars, only to find that it would eventually take DAYS, or maybe WEEKS to download the fucker.  Its totalllly not fair for them to do this.

It is also ass for them to try and say that the xbox counts as another machine, and that you have to pay for another connection.  Also, routers are completely illegal.  Let me get this straight now.  I can’t SHARE the connection that I PAID FOR with my other shit?  Its fuckin BULLLLLLLLSHIT!  Imagine if your internet operator told you that you had to have a separate internet connection for all of the computers in your house.  Imagine if your phone people you needed a different phone line for each phone you have in your house.  Or even better yet, imagine if you were forced by the government to have a room for every person that lives in your house.  I bet you wont be having large families anymore.

I also think that clean access agent is a STUPID idea that needs to die.  While it sounded novel at first, it has now turned into a nightmare that annoys the piss out of me.  You randomly get booted off and then have to sign back in, and it makes it a FOR SURE way to know that you dont have multiple computers on the network.

My case in point is, I paid for the fuckin line, let me use it how I damn well please you nickel and diming cocksuckers!!

When I am playing games like Call of Duty 4, or Halo 3 on single player, things can start to get a little stale. So I hop on to some multiplayer games…and I am instantly reminded of why I played single player in the first place.

“Dude your mom sucks my cock”

“Take that stupid nigger”

“Suck my balls faggot”

I think you get the drift.

The conduct of people who play online is fucking RIDICULOUS. If someone kills you, you suck or you got “pwned”. However, if you kill them you just got lucky, or the infamous line “I had no health”.

Cocksuckers on Halo 3 are by far the worst kind of vile ass on the planet. People will pick up power weapons, or vehicles knowing well that they are extremely hard to kill, and still talk shit. Play Snowbound and wait for the bitch that picks up the Ghost. I dare you.

Call of Duty on the other hand is FAR better from a community standpoint, and they often help you when you ask a question. You do still however get that annoying team of pre-pubescent adolescent boys who still like to talk about how gay they are and like butt sex. But thats another story for another day.

Microsoft knows that in the heat of competition, there is gonna be some shit talk, but damnit they need to do something about it. I have heard racial and ethnic slurs way to many times to count, and nothin happens to these motha fuckas. Sure, you can mute them, but damnit how bout you ban these cocksuckers?!

I think I will end this here, I gotta play some GTA or something to calm the nerves.